A Systematic Review of Warning Signs Related to the Bovine Disease Virus in Cattle Populations

  • Anushka Sharma, V Haripriya, Vijay Upadhye
Keywords: Bovine Viruses, Cattle Herds, Warning Signs, Infections


The Bovine disease viruses are a major worldwide concern to bovine herds, which has prompted some nations to implement monitoring programs for disease prevention and elimination. Timely response necessitates the recognition of warning symptoms associated with these infections. The maintenance of a disease-free status can provide problems for control efforts, underscoring the need to identify and comprehend risk factors. This research requires offering a complete assessment of potential risk factors for diseases affecting cattle viral infestation in herds of cows. Identify and evaluate warning signals related to bovine disease viruses, combining findings from much research to improve our knowledge of the clinical presentations and early indicators of these viral infections in cattle. A comprehensive search was performed in the CAB Abstracts, Scopus and PubMed databases using preset search keywords. The inclusion criteria centered on research looking at the early warning symptoms of bovine disease viruses. Following the identification of 800 papers, a rigorous screening procedure chose 20 for comprehensive analysis based on relevance, methodological quality and adherence to PRISMA criteria. The chosen research provided critical insights into the warning indications connected with bovine disease virus infections. Risk variables such as herd type, size, involvement in events as well as cattle importation were discovered and examined. The bottom plot gave a more detailed view of the link between livestock importation and illness prevalence. Despite the significant degree of variation across research, these pooled values provide indications of the relevance of widely investigated risk variables, assisting in the establishment and improvement of Bovine disease prevention strategies.


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