Assessing the Temperature Conditions and Behavioral Habits in a Farm to Ensure Cattle Welfare

  • Sachin Gupta, Baldev Singh, A Rengarajan
Keywords: Cattle Behavior, Temperature Conditions, Compost Farms, Humidity Index


In contemporary agriculture, it is imperative to comprehend the environmental factors and behavioral patterns of cattle, as their productivity and well-being are impacted by temperature fluctuations. The compost barn system has become increasingly popular due to its capacity to improve animal welfare and quality of life. To evaluate animal comfort and perhaps improve management, the use of compost barns in dairy farms demands extensive research on thermal conditions and behavior. In addition to evaluating the cows' standing and laying habits through photographs, this investigation attempted to define the temperature environment in a microbial farm during each of the four seasons. In Raipur, the Indian capital of Chhattisgarh, a compost barn utilized the experiment's location. The inclusion requirements for ensuring cow well-being on farms include things like proper ventilation, sufficient shelter that access to a clean and consistent water supply, which are used to evaluate the general temperature along with cow behavior in an ideal range. The temperature and humidity index (HI) was computed after daily data from different seasons were gathered for the year-round experiment. The interior of the cows' barn was filmed and the footage was visually and automatically processed to evaluate the behavior of the cattle. The study correctly recognized cow behavior over the study period, indicating that the largest mean levels of HI occurred in the afternoon and fall, matching with the animals' apparent inclination to spend the majority of the day lying down on the bed. The study focuses on the complex relationship between temperature and cattle behavior, providing useful insights into the elements influencing their well-being.


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