Control of Mosquitoes utilizing Biomathematical Techniques in Villa Clara Territory in Veterinaria

  • Sultanah Almasi


The point is to assess the effectiveness of two types of freshwater angle and furthermore utilize the numerical displaying in capacity of the control of the mosquito's larvas in Villa Clara region. On account of fish, an accomplice study was completed, in the towns of Baez and Guaracabulla, which have a place with Placetas region, looking into was begun in April of 2006 until April of 2007, for this, an example of 1740 supplies was picked, isolated in two gatherings: one of them with 870 stores, (3 fish for every unit were put every repository, attempting to keep the commonness of females on guys 2-1) and another universe, with a similar measure of beneficiaries, however no fish right now. Concerning scientific demonstrating of general and explicit larval densities, the information of the two densities were prepared for nine districts of Villa Clara region for each long stretch of the year, covering a period from the year 2000 until 2009; additionally, the estimations of these larval densities were related with eight climatic factors to get the expectation models every month. The danger of discovering places that are sure to the nearness of mosquitoes (In our Health System, "centers") was prevalent in the gathering of stores where they were not presented to the nearness of fish; for every 100 stores with fish, 8 focal points of mosquitoes were evacuated; forecast models of general and explicit larval densities were acquired for the nine districts remembered for this investigating, just as the pandemic notices at short and medium term. The larvivorous fish are an amazing choice to control the larvas of mosquito in the supplies that individuals use to store water; the scientific demonstrating is a decent instrument for the expectation and control of the larval densities of mosquitoes in repositories of Villa Clara area.

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